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FREE Ground Shipping on Orders Over $99!
100 sheets stapling finisher for Konica Minolta Bizhub C6501/C6501P/C65hc/1200/1200P/1051 and Bizhub PRESS C6000 C7000 C8000 models.

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Shipping Information:

Weight: 223 lbs
Dimension: L 34.41" x W 28.66" x H 49.25"
Parts for this Item

Genuine Konica Minolta SK-701 Staples for FS-503 FS-528, Staple Case for bizhub C6500 C6501 1050 1051 1200, Up Down Gear B, Slide Part Rear Assembly for FS-521 Finisher, Slide Part Front Assembly for FS-521 Finisher, (S) TB 7501 SENSOR 2, Stopper Rubber for Copy Machines, Staple Main Body Assy for Bizhub 1050 Series, Entrance Idler Roller for Bizhub PRESS C8000 C7000 C6000 Bizhub PRO 6501 6500 1200 and More, HB Motor 40 for Bizhub PRO 1050 920 C500 DI850 CF5001, Spacer for Bizhub PRESS C8000 Bizhub PRO 1200 1050 C500 CF5001 Bizhub 751 750, Driving Motor 1 for FS-518 FS-521 FS-528 FS-611 PB-501 PB-502 PB-503, Driving Motor Assy for FS-518 FS-521 FS-528 FS-611 PB-501 PB-502 PB-503, Up/Down Gear A for FS-612 FS-611 FS-610 FS-608 FS-607 and More, Konica Minolta Bushing for bizhub PRO 950 1200P, Caster Adjusting Plate Assembly for FD-503 FS-521 LS-505 PB-503 SD-506, Main Body Fixing Plate D for FD-501 FD-503 FS-503 FS-521 RU-506 SD-501 SD-506, Konica Minolta Main Body Fixing Plate E for FA-501 FD-501 FS-503, Konica Minolta Drive Roller Upper for FS-521, Konica Minolta Conveyance Roller for FS-503 FS-521, Konica Minolta Auxiliary Roller for FS-503 FS-521, Konica Minolta Guide Pipe for FS-521, Drive Belt for the Konica Minolta FS-521 , Conveyance Drive Gear for the Konica Minolta FS-503 FS-521, Konica Minolta Wiring Cover for LS-505 LS-506, Main Body Mounitng Plate/Rear for the Konica Minolta FD-501 FD-503 FS-503 FS-521 PB-501 PB-502 PB-503 RU-506 SD-506, FNS Controll Board Assembly for the Konica Minolta FS-521, Konica Minolta Motor Fixing Part /1 for DF-604 ZU-608, Konica Minolta Tension Spring /F for FS-521, Konica Minolta Motor /2 for bizhub PRO C5500 C6501P