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Magicolor 8650DN

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The magicolor 8650DN is all into colour. In addition to being creative it also brings speed and a professional attitude to the table. This top-notch A3+ printer is designed for medium-sized organisations and creative departments in need of a premium colour solution!

The magicolor 8650DN’s colour printing is not only extremely fast, image quality is also astonishingly detailed. Konica Minolta’s proprietary Simitri™ HD polymerised toner in combination with PhotoART 19200 contone technology printing at 600 x 600 x 5-bit enables razor-sharp picture detail and smoother colour gradations. In short, with the magicolor 8650DN images and colours are cleaner and more vibrant!

When you need to print internal documents, the magicolor 8650DN’s toner save mode can conserve up to 50% of toner. Its convenient auto-colour recognition function reliably distinguishes between colour and black-and-white and prints in colour only where necessary. As an extra saving feature you can also programme limitative access rights for colour printing so that only designated users can print in full colour.
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